Monte Dutton, Writer
NASCAR, other sports, songs, etc.
My principal job is writing about NASCAR (see I was the January 2008 recipient of the
George Cunningham Award as the National Motorsports Press
Association's writer of the year. I've written several books about
NASCAR, the most recent being Haul A** and Turn Left: The Wit and
Wisdom of NASCAR (Warner Books) in 2006.
My most recent book was about music, True to the Roots: Americana
Music Revealed (University of Nebraska Press, 2006). Right now I'm
writing a novel, though there's no guarantee of it being published.
While working on True to the Roots, I taught myself to play basic
guitar and write my own songs. Recently I've been trying to learn
how to record my own music at home.
I cover about two thirds of the NASCAR races. I'm interested in
performing with my guitar at clubs located near Sprint Cup tracks.
I also write columns about other sports, as well as a weekly feature
column, at
My life is changing, mainly in the direction I prefer.
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Vince Pawless built my favorite guitar and puts on
Pawlessfest, a music festival in Gainsville, Texas.
I played at Pawlessfest on Sept. 26, 2008, in Gainesville, Texas. I expect
to be back in 2009.