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Flights of Fancy on Flights of Fancy

Clinton, S.C., Tuesday, May 14, 10:31 a.m. I like movies. They make me a jolly good fellow. Wait a minute. That’s not movies. That’s beer. Someone requested the Tom T. Hall song, “I Like Beer,” last Friday night. I played … Continue reading

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Old Can Be Good … Really Good

In the past decade, I’ve developed quite a taste for the novels of Sinclair Lewis, who was the first American to win a Nobel Prize in literature. One of my favorite Lewis novels is Dodsworth (1929), which is about a … Continue reading

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Praise the Lord and Pass the Super Bowl

I can’t really get Ray Lewis straight in my mind. Is the Baltimore Ravens linebacker a man who got away with murder? Or is he a devout Christian who praises the Old Testament God with every bone-jarring tackle? Or is … Continue reading

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Harbaughs (Plural)

The Super Bowl is finally Sunday. Well, it was always Sunday. Now it’s this Sunday. Seldom has a football game so boiled itself down to one word: Harbaugh. Jim coaches the San Francisco 49ers, John the Baltimore Ravens. Vince Lombardi … Continue reading

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