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11 thoughts on “Contact info

  1. Hello Monte,

    Heard you on radio in MO this am…the 484 stands for the number of drive wheels on a steam locomotive….

    Nascar is nuts and that Pemberton sounds like the village idiot!

    I recall a race at Hampton, GA and Earnhardt won the race—and they gave him the win, but they told him not to bring the car back! I believe the 3 was their meal ticket.

  2. That used to happen quite a bit. NASCAR’s policy has changed, and its officials would confirm that.

  3. We’ve had “the y’all discussion” previously. Just because y’all don’t use it in the singular doesn’t mean many others don’t. Folks from the parts of the south that use “y’all” as singular & “all y’all” as plural aren’t wrong, just different.

    It is an image that evokes a feeling similar to the one I get watching the opening sequence of The Andy Griffith Show. Just thought it amusing that out of the seemingly endless number of banner photos available my lake community uses the same one! 🙂

  4. Well, they certainly are grammatically wrong because “y’all” is short for “you all,” and “you all” is plural.
    You are right in that I only speak for that portion of the South in which I have spent considerable time.
    But, from that perspective, anyone who uses “y’all” as singular is trying to act as if he (or she) is southern.
    “All y’all” is slightly different. Yes, I’ve heard that, and I think it can be defended. Say there is a group of people. “Y’all.” When someone says “all y’all,” he’s basically saying, “every single one of you,” not just “some of y’all,” but “all y’all.”
    I can’t wait for the next mountain to arise from a molehill.

  5. Seeing as “all y’all” as every one of you it stands to reason that is a plural form. Hence “y’all” would certainly be acceptable as a singular. As you stated, you can only speak of what you know. I also speak of what I know.

    I do not want to “act” as if I am southern & must say I find that assumption a bit offensive. It’s hard to tell in writing if it was meant that way. I picked up the usage from folks I have been friends with for many years & after spending quite a lot of time with them, it stuck. It happens, same as when someone lives in another country for a long while & returns with that country’s accent.

    Interesting you feel a mountain has been made. I didn’t see it that way at all. That being said, I’ve just negated what I tweeted to you earlier! *sigh* Just can’t pass up a debate……

  6. Just wanted to say Thank You Sir. You write like a modern day Mark Twain. Love it. I was born in feb of 1963 went to my first race at bowman gray in june of 63. I think we went to every big race in SC. NC. and Virginia for the next 25 yrs. Your writing brings a lot of that back. Thank You

  7. I very much appreciate it. I’d be a happy man indeed if I had as high an estimation of myself as you do of me.

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