Woe Is the Weekend

IMG_0409Clinton, South Carolina, Sunday, December 3, 2017, 10:53 a.m.

Does the weekend begin on Friday night? It seems reasonable. If so, the highlight of my weekend has been the appearances of Carol Burnett and Lewis Black on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Maybe it will be exceeded by the 50th anniversary of the Carol Burnett Show tonight.

Yes. I’m getting old. Yes, I remember the Carol Burnett Show, not to mention Bonanza, All in the Family, Dragnet and The Andy Griffith Show.

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By Monte Dutton

I thought the highlight was going to be the Furman at Wofford FCS playoff game. Were I a Wofford graduate, it would have been. The Terriers won, 28-10. Alas, I went to Furman.

The better team won. All else is rationalization. Furman had a field goal blocked, twice ran out of downs at the Wofford one, suffered the indignity of the Terriers executing a fake field goal for their final score. I had hoped I would celebrate the victory with a nice steak supper. I wound up dining on hummus and wheat crackers in front of the TV. Furman won more games this year, eight, than the previous two combined, but making the playoffs means that every team except one ends its season with a loss.

My luck at Gibbs Stadium has not been the best. The only other time I had seen a game there was in 2008. My friend Jeff Snipes was dying of cancer. He and I had planned to go go, but he didn’t feel up to it. I called him from the game.

“The best way to describe it,” I said, “is that Furman is playing catch and Wofford is playing football.”

This Saturday was about the same.

It was just an unsatisfying day. I had high expectations of great games, and they didn’t happen. I’m glad Clemson won the ACC, but the game would have kept my attention had the Tigers not defeated Miami, 38-3. My nephew was at the game in Charlotte, and I’m sure he had a marvelous time. I spent the game reading a novel and switching to see if Wisconsin was making any progress against Ohio State and noting that the best game, Fresno State-Boise State, was comparatively unimportant here in the Eastern time zone. UCF defeated Memphis, 62-55, but, surely, that had to be basketball, right?

I’m still glad I went up to Spartanburg. Furman brought a huge crowd, and it was practically a convention of my best friends. Everything but the game was a rousing success.

Then again, ultimately, all that mattered was the game.


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I drove home, half-watched all the games that were vitally significant to most people, and spent a sleepless night commiserating my money problems and trying to figure out new ways to take care of them.

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