The Moon Is the Limit

You’re looking at Williams-Brice Stadium from the would-be moon. (Monte Dutton photos)

Complete Supply of Ink and Toner Cartridges

Columbia, South Carolina, Saturday, December 17, 2016, 3:52 p.m.

At the moment, Chapman is playing Dillon in football down on earth. I am watching from the moon, which is hyperbolically the press box at Williams-Brice Stadium.

By Monte Dutton

The game is less than two minutes old, and already it looks bad for the Panthers, whom I have watched win two football games this year. This one is for the state Class 3A championship.

Not only have I little rooting interest. I have no professional interest. My job is to write about the next game, the one that matches Boiling Springs against Dutch Fork.

The day’s first problem: no one I can find from Boiling Springs knows if there is or has ever been an actual boiling springs in Boiling Springs. No one seems to know what a Dutch fork is, either. I bet they’d know in Abbeville. Yoder’s Dutch Kitchen is there, or was the last time I drove by, and I bet they’d know. I could find a Dutch fork there if there’s such a utensil.

By the way, while I pondered important matters like springs and forks, Chapman stormed back to take a 14-7 lead. It’s the second quarter, and I’m still trying to get the wi-fi working here on the Williams-Brice moon.

A really nice representative of the University of South Carolina just remedied my wi-fi problems – yes, there is wi-fi on the moon – and now I can write in Technicolor. Actually, it’s just the same old black and white, but I’ll be able to circulate this triumph of literature to a world that otherwise would have no clue of its cosmic significance.

(Monte Dutton photos)

The moon is remote. The windows are close to soundproof. Before the game, I stood reluctantly for a national anthem I could not hear. A mute national anthem is similar to a tree that falls in the woods. I think it makes a sound, but I can’t prove it.

The Panthers and Wildcats are knotted – that’s right, all the players are involved in a huge scrum that is similar to the biggest game of Twister ever – at 21.

In today’s gala opener, South Pointe defeated Hartsville, 51-28, for the Class 4A title. At some point soon, I plan to write for money.

After I wrote this, I had to go to work. Here’s what I wrote in the Spartanburg Herld-Journal. By the way, Chapman won Class 3A, edging Dillon, 29-27. Dutch Fork defeated Boiling Springs in 5A, 28-21.

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(Crystal Lynn cover photo)

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(Design by Steven Novak)

(Design by Steven Novak)


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