‘I Don’t Think the Heavy Stuff’s Coming Through for Quite a While’

Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. (Monte Dutton photo)

Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.
(Monte Dutton photo)

Watery Hell, South Carolina, Saturday, October 3, 2015, 10:35 a.m.

I’d like to just sit at home like I am now, wearing sweats and a “Republic of Texas” tee shirt I bought satirically in May. I’d like to watch South Carolina at Missouri, and Alabama at Georgia, and Notre Dame at Clemson.

But nooooooo.

No, it was not I. I've never even driven a Lexus.

Monte Dutton (John Clark photo).

I’ll probably watch the first game, the Battle of Columbia, but then I’ll drive up I-26, which might as well be a canal delivering bad weather into the mountains, and try to listen to the Presbyterian at Western Carolina game until it fades out in about Simpsonville, and then I’ll wade into Paladin Stadium to watch the Bulldogs of South Carolina State play the Paladins of Furman, and then I’ll write about it.

I need to hustle. It would be beneficial to get done writing and out onto the highway ahead of the Clemson fans. Whether they’re joyous or angry doesn’t matter. They’ll be a handful on the interstate, particularly with rain pelting down.

The Furman game will be over sooner, but most of the Clemson fans won’t have to write a story afterwards, though many would undoubtedly like to go see Dabo.

Don’t get me wrong. I want to see Furman play. I just don’t want to travel there and back. If I had an email pop up on my iPhone with the heading “Paladins, Bulldogs to play Monday,” it would please me, though not enough to dance like Dabo.

It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. By gosh, if the Tigers can play, the Paladins can play. Similar sentiment was in place at the Alamo.

The state is a sieve, sucking in rain from the Atlantic. Meanwhile, the bandit Joaquin (Murrieta?) steals away into the open waters, claiming he has spared us.


(Design by Jennifer Skutelsky)

(Design by Jennifer Skutelsky)

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