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One's hurt, and the Packers ain't playing. (Getty Images for NASCAR)

One’s hurt, and the Packers ain’t playing. (Getty Images for NASCAR)

Clinton, South Carolina, Saturday, February 28, 2015, 3:35 p.m.

Today is one in which I haven’t made many decisions. I’ve just taken the paths of least resistance, which isn’t something I recommend but just a frequent vice to which humans succumb.

Today, I sort of wanted to go to the Presbyterian College women’s basketball game, and I sort of wanted to go to the baseball game, but it’s a NASCAR doubleheader, and there it is, pretty as a picture because it is a picture, a moving one, there on my wide, high-definition screen.

Monte Dutton

Monte Dutton

The doings at Atlanta Motor Speedway have left me a bit befuddled. Occasionally, I’ve even been discombobulated and stupefied.

A race car got stolen from a motel parking lot, probably by thieves who were not expecting it to be inside the plain white trailer and upscale pickup they stole. They probably figured they were getting a Cub Cadet, complete with leaf blower and various cutting instruments manufactured by Poulan, and when they found a fancy race car, well, they realized this was big trouble indeed and left the car out in the woods somewhere, where it was discovered, none the worse for wear, but having no need for wear since it was too late to qualify.

Okay. That’s the story from Atlanta Motor Speedway, or at least the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Oh, wait, there was the Sprint Cup qualifying session in which many of the big names couldn’t get through inspection, and then there was the Camping World Truck qualifying in which one driver, Brad Keselowski, won the pole but only one other driver tried.*

Then there were the motor coach and van wrecks in the infield. So far the big news hasn’t been about racing, but, rather, in racing’s extended neighborhood. I could’ve gotten big news that wasn’t about racing over at Presbyterian College this cool afternoon.

With 25 laps remaining in the Hisense 250 – isn’t “high sense” an oxymoron? – the second-place car is within a hundred yards of the first-place car, so, doggone it, there’s a reason to watch for now. Be right back.

The rules have changed, but Joey Logano still looks strong. (Getty Images photo for NASCAR)

The rules have changed, but Joey Logano still looks strong. (Getty Images photo for NASCAR)

New TV standards: (1.) When it’s two wide, it’s three wide, and it’s nose to tail when the distance separating one tail from another’s nose — quit it, dirty minds – is, oh, 30 yards, (2.) a car length is a railroad-car length, and (3.) Kevin Harvick’s Camaro is running away again, so no one wants to talk anymore about lengths and measures.

None of the weekend’s minutiae will be long remembered if the Sprint Cup race is a barnburner or even a stew scorcher.

The Sprint Cup champion won the Xfinity race. Ho hum.

I await the Truck race with optimism.

*Catch that. Turns out Keselowski didn’t get his lap completed in time. “Upon further review,” as they say.

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