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Kasey Kahne, responding to the Cam Newton emergency. Not really. (Getty Images photo for NASCAR)

Kasey Kahne, responding to the Cam Newton emergency. Not really. (Getty Images photo for NASCAR)

Clinton, South Carolina, Tuesday, December 10, 2014, 3:38 p.m.

Life provides us with periodic bolts from the blue.

The delivery accelerates but not the immediacy. By that, I mean that, when I heard that Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton had been in a car wreck on Tuesday, it shocked me moments after it happened, thanks to the Twitter feed, but it would have shocked me had I found out about it the next day. It would have been shocking to have gotten word of General Andrew Jackson’s victory over the British in the Battle of New Orleans, particularly since no one knew, at the time of the battle, that the War of 1812 was already over.

Incredibly, this photo is over two years old, and, yet, it's on the Internet.

Incredibly, this photo is over two years old, and, yet, it’s on the Internet.

It was high time for the War of 1812 to be over, it being 1815 when the aforementioned battle ended. The Treaty of Ghent had been signed on December 24, 1814, but General Jackson didn’t have Twitter. When in doubt, keep fighting until the British run through the bushes, run through the brambles, go some places where a rabbit wouldn’t go, on down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico*.

The truth still takes time, and it used to be more reliable. Nowadays truth arrives in bits and snatches, accompanied by untruths, like unto a game show.

Thank goodness the crash occurred in a Technology Corridor. Not really. (Monte Dutton)

Thank goodness the crash occurred in a Technology Corridor. Not really. (Monte Dutton)

Cam Newton involved in wreck.

Newton appears all right.

Newton smiles to camera.

Newton’s vehicle, upside down.

Newton’s vehicle, being turned rightside up.

Newton’s vehicle, roof flattened.

The car that hit Cam.

Cam, immobilized.

Cam en route to hospital.

Insiders say wreck broke both Cam’s legs.

Cam miraculously uninjured.

Cam expects to play Sunday.

Cam has broken back.

Cam unlikely to play.

Sprint Cup champion Kevin Harvick, joyriding around the Queen City, rammed Cam Newton's pickup. Not really. (Getty Images photo for NASCAR)

Sprint Cup champion Kevin Harvick, joy-riding around Charlotte, rammed Cam Newton’s truck. Not really. (Getty Images photo for NASCAR)

Those were just in the first few hours. It’s still going on now. At the moment, he may, in fact, be undergoing surgery on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, throwing practice tosses to Prince William, with his arms around the Duchess, while defending the CIA’s use of torture, and threatening to shut down the government.


I’m sure the family seeks closure. At one time, people didn’t need to worry. Most events had closure. Now it’s a pie in the sky. Either that or a pipe dream. Folks post online like they’re buying a lottery ticket.

Maybe this one will win!

Does anyone ever say “take your time” anymore?

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*Rest in peace, Johnny Horton, who had a hit song, “The Battle of New Orleans,” written by Jimmy Driftwood.

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7 Responses to Here a Minute, Gone the Next

  1. Bill B says:

    Ha ha, I’d like to pile on because I hate Twitter and social media in general, but I’d like to point out that even when the official media takes their time (relatively) they still get it wrong. Just look at the recent Rolling Stone debacle with the rape accusations. There’s more at work here then just not taking your time. There is also the element of wanting to present information that is sensationalized for maximum wow factor which in turn sells more magazines or increases ratings or produces more “hits” on the internet or social media. In the case of an individual posting information it might just be the endorphins they get from whatever they posted “going viral”. The validity of the information is only important if it may result in a law suit or criminal charge.

  2. Monte says:

    Well, I respect your opinion, and you certainly have a right to it. I think I’ve probably written this and you’ve probably read it. I assume you are an outsider, and my perspective is more one of someone who long was an insider. I think there are always several reasons things change. Part is to meet changing times, and part is practical. I think journalism has changed, in part, because one person is doing a job that used to be done by three. The job can’t be done the way it once was. Part of the reason news has gotten more gossipy is simply because investigative reporting takes time. People still work hard. The job’s too big. It’s been whittled down. Part of it is that the world has changed, and part of it is that the job has changed.
    Some of what has happened is nothing more or less than a rationalization of that which is cheap.
    It’s no one’s opinion but mine, and my opinion is not shared by that many. But it is my opinion. Thanks for letting me know yours.

  3. Bill B says:

    I certainly can respect your point of view and even give your opinion more validity than mine due to the fact that you were actually part of the news machine and I am an outsider. The lack of resources to confirm facts never even entered my mind. However I can certainly see how that would result in the issues you are pointing out.
    Thanks for taking the time to make me understand where you were coming from.

  4. dawg says:

    Channeling our inner Jimmy Driftwood, are we?

  5. Monte says:

    Yes. I should’ve mentioned his name and will go back and do so as soon as I can remember.

  6. Tony Geinzer says:

    I don’t think Cam Newton will be the Opening Day Quarterback Next Summer and I’m sure all of North and South Carolina who actually concerned themselves in Texas Football should have known he was trouble when he came in. And, on a serious note, there could be more to the story and with all the Fluff we prefer to handle to drown out the serious matters, that could get picked apart as I think Law and Order, if not real Adult Sized Adults that are actually intent to do their job instead of stay JUST at Home rather than Detroit paying off the Bankruptcy Courts.

  7. Ron Widman says:

    Who cares, the MICHAEL VICK episode of football was the end of my life long love of the game. After years of putting up with highly paid players that broke all kinds of rules and got caught then being reprimanded ever so slightly or not at all. Drugs, gun vilolations etc etc I decided the NFL was not worth my time or money. I gave up my Rams season tickets, I no longer watch or listen to games or playoffs or watch anything to do with the Super Bowl. Nascar was always better, now I can go to at least 1 extra race a year and enjoy the whole experience . I do miss the game but I don’t miss the way it’s handled.

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