Basketball Picking for Dummies

I'm much better tuning my guitar than my brackets

I’m much better tuning my guitar than my brackets.

My God. Greg Gumbel just informed me I’m on the Road to the Final Four. Ernie Johnson Jr.’s bright-blue bowtie is right across the living room in high-def. I even filled out a bracket, two, in fact. I did it on a whim, in response to a Twitter message, last night.

I’m not an expert on college basketball, but I’m banking on luck playing a hefty role. I know there will be upsets, so I picked some. Several have predicted that, for the first time ever, a No. 16 seed will upset a No. 1, but I’m not buying it. Supposedly, the field is more wide open than ever before, and I’m banking on it.

I like some teams better than others, but I’ve got no overriding rooting interest. In general, I like to see underdogs win, but now I’ve got a two brackets in play, so undoubtedly my preference for underdogs will be tempered by who my underdogs are. This I do know, though. The longer the tournament goes, the more my interest dissipates. I like the upset rounds, when Cinderella makes some appearances before her carriage turns inevitably into a pumpkin.

Valparaiso and Gonzaga have such nice names, much better than “Valpo,” which is too much like a dog food, and “the Zags,” which sounds like the Fighting Candy Bars. One of my brackets has the Bulldogs – that’s what the Zags really are, you know – winning because their center, something or other Kelly Olynyk, looks like a 7-foot Tim Lincecum, and I like Lincecum. If Olynyk can jam like Lincecum pitches, at least in last fall’s postseason, Gonzaga is set.

That, of course, is a highly questionable hypothesis.

I’d like to see Davidson win a game or two because Davidson represents the Southern Conference, and Bob McKillop is an excellent coach – even I can see that – and if you’re representing the Southern Conference, you’d better have an excellent coach.

Without one question, one set of Dookies, that being Duke University, has a much better chance than the James Madison Dukes, who needed a play-in victory to get to play Indiana, whom I picked to win it all in my other bracket.

James Madison, by the way, conquered LIU Brooklyn, which I now know exists.

I find myself hoping that the teams representing schools where friends of mine went win, and the schools representing enemies of mine lose. Perhaps I can enjoy some schadenfreude. I’m told it goes well with noodles.


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  1. Judy B says:

    I remember years ago seeing Gonzaga in a bracket & not having a clue about them. Was so long ago it wasn’t even easy to find out. Picked ’em anyway, tho not to go too far. Ended up winning the office pool that year!

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