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The Game of the Generations

The singer-songwriter Steve Earle once told me that his dad had told him – so this is based on hearsay evidence — that the older he got, the more he’d love baseball. That brief conversation occurred while I was working … Continue reading

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A Nightmare and a Scoresheet

I don’t often dream, and on the rare occasions I do, they’re mostly pleasant. Last night I dreamed I was going to the electric chair, though I didn’t seem particularly guilty for any terrible wrong I’d committed. I was fairly … Continue reading

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Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius

I entered an NCAA basketball tournament bracket for the first time in, oh, five years or so. It was sort of an impulse decision. The night before the tournament started, I came across a tweet that read something like, “Hey, … Continue reading

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Me and Joe McGee

The only man I knew who died in a war was Joseph O’Neil McGee, killed in Vietnam on Sept. 28, 1970. I knew him only as Joe. He worked at my father’s restaurant when I was a boy, and he died … Continue reading

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NASCAR’s Off, but Baseball’s On

There’s no NASCAR race this weekend, and it comes at an opportune time since baseball season is starting on Sunday night. It may or may not be opportune for NASCAR – given the events of May 24 in Fontana, Calif., … Continue reading

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Let It Be

Without question, I am a Democrat. I think it fair to describe myself as liberal, but I respect and even admire principled conservatives, though I find it difficult to find any. For instance, I applaud personal responsibility, but it’s not … Continue reading

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The Nature of Prejudice

I’ve been thinking about prejudice, bigotry, racism and related issues. The conclusion I’ve reached is as follows: It’s OK to hope someone like you does well. It’s not OK to think that the field should consist only  of people like … Continue reading

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Outlandish in an Empire That’s Inlandish

For the first time in recorded history, and against all odds, this season may run its course with the lone race at Auto Club Speedway remembered as the highlight. It was a grand slam at what has often been a … Continue reading

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The Meeting Didn’t Make Me High

I attended my first marijuana meeting on Saturday. There, I’ve written it. I didn’t smoke it. I didn’t hang out with people who were. I didn’t get a “contact high” or “the munchies.” I stopped in Spartanburg on the way … Continue reading

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Dinosaur in the Dust

Yesterday I did something I’d never done before and never thought I’d have to do. I filed for unemployment. I’m not ashamed of it. My job was eliminated after 16-1/2 years. I was good at it, and performance had nothing … Continue reading

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