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Old Can Be Good … Really Good

In the past decade, I’ve developed quite a taste for the novels of Sinclair Lewis, who was the first American to win a Nobel Prize in literature. One of my favorite Lewis novels is Dodsworth (1929), which is about a … Continue reading

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Hard to Chart the Progress

Confound me. Some days I just get lost. In my iPhone, I’ve got a whole list of things to do. Oh, I checked off a few items. The thing is, I’m sort of a morning person. It seems as if, … Continue reading

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A Song for Me

My latest song is a strange one. It started out happy. When I wrote the refrain, I was in a great mood. Scuppernongs and muscadines / Bubble gum three for a dime / Brown gravy over rice / Orange Crush … Continue reading

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Free as a Breeze

Life’s back to normal. I had a dentist’s appointment this morning. I took my car to the garage to get everything checked out, replace the worn parts, stuff like that. I’ve got a stack of bills, a hamper of laundry, … Continue reading

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The Best Daytona 500 in a Whole Year

What I mainly am is frustrated. Here it is, several hours after the Great American Race, and I’ve tried to think through what I saw on TV, and it still just ties me in knots. I left the house and … Continue reading

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Just Enough

It’s Daytona 500 morning, and I don’t feel like writing about racing. I still love NASCAR. I’m going to watch on TV, and undoubtedly I’ll leave a stream of tweets and posts that will be alternately comic and informational. (Let … Continue reading

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Never Trust ‘The Brand’

Once upon a time, a kid could trust his priest. An athlete could trust his coach. A kid could look up to the guy who won the Tour de France every year. He could believe the inspirational story of the … Continue reading

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Smoke-free Racing? Yeah, Right …

I obviously suffer from skewed judgment. Things that strike others as perfectly reasonable strike me as ridiculous. I don’t know why. I’d like to think that I think things through, but there’s no great body of evidence to that effect. … Continue reading

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Life’s the Same, Only Different

In Daytona Beach, Fla., Danica Patrick is starting NASCAR’s biggest race out front. She is –gasp! – “seeing” Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer hang out with P Diddy but not each other. As a practical matter, and … Continue reading

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What’s It Going to Take?

A new NASCAR season dawns. High hopes abound. Dramatic changes have occurred. Four days before the Daytona 500, though, the chief question is: Will the needle move? The development of a new car, the ballyhooed Gen6, is just the latest … Continue reading

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