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One’s on the Way

Loretta Lynn, that great voice of working-class values, released a song in 1971 called “One’s on the Way”: They say to have her hair done, Liz flies all the way to France / And Jackie’s seen in a discotheque, doing … Continue reading

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So Those Were the Good Old Days, Huh?

When I was a kid, hardly anyone wore seatbelts. The bed of a pickup truck was often packed with people. People actually sat back to back or sideways in vehicles known as station wagons. A 12-year-old could drive a tractor … Continue reading

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Harbaughs (Plural)

The Super Bowl is finally Sunday. Well, it was always Sunday. Now it’s this Sunday. Seldom has a football game so boiled itself down to one word: Harbaugh. Jim coaches the San Francisco 49ers, John the Baltimore Ravens. Vince Lombardi … Continue reading

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The Opposite of Deja Vu

I’m a creature of habit. I suppose everyone is to some extent. Now my habits are changing. I still feel a little strange on Monday mornings. For 16-1/2 years, I wrote the copy for a syndicated page, “NASCAR This Week,” … Continue reading

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Nothing Ain’t Worth Nothing, But It’s Free

Maybe it’s a wee bit similar to the tongue-in-cheek lines of the old Statler Brothers song “Flowers on the Wall”: Smokin’ cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo / Now don’t tell me / I’ve nothing to do My current activities are … Continue reading

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An Old, Old Man Trying to Live While He Can*

Stereotypes have some validity in a “big picture” sense, but it’s wrong to apply them on an individual basis. People often defy them. Exceptions are more interesting than rules. My mother works weekends at a motel out on I-26, not … Continue reading

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Truth, Fiction, and How They’re Connected

So you wonder what possessed me to become a novelist? As Charley Pride used to say onstage in the late 1960s, “It’s a little unique, I’d have to admit …” Another issue, of course, at the time. When I tell … Continue reading

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The Harry Gant Rule

Back in the 1990s, I wrote about what I call the Harry Gant Rule. Few wanted to talk about it at the time. For a sport that is so obsessed with and concentrated on technology and engineering, people sure do … Continue reading

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From a Distance

Missing the NASCAR Media Tour isn’t so bad. What I miss the most, I think, is what I complained about. At least for me, it wasn’t ever a carefree week of schmoozing. In 1993, when I attended it for the … Continue reading

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Brave new world

I’ve written a bunch of books and a bunch of songs. I’ve written about a bunch of NASCAR races, and it was the way I made a living for 20 years. Guess what? Now I get to make a living … Continue reading

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